FamNet Help and Videos

What is FamNet?

These videos are brief, and show you what FamNet can offer but no “How to” detail: -

Web (html) Help Pages





Introductory Guided Tour

A quick overview of the features of the Genealogy Database.  You will already have seen this video if you clicked the button on the home page:   

3m, 5s


FamNet for Groups

FamNet offers a lot to groups: membership management, blogs, newsletter distribution, database management



Family Groups

A family group allows you to work with your relatives and friends to extend you tree together. Features include email messaging, blogs, newsletters, shared access to private records, and reunion planning.


FamNet can Host your data


FamNet can host general tabular data, such as the table of Wexford Emigrants, giving data owners the benefits of flexible SQL hosting with none of the hassles.  This explains how.


Videos in this font - FamNet for Groups are planned, but don’t exist yet.


FamNet Help

Click any of the links below to see further web (html) help pages and videos. 


Web (html) Help Pages






Frequently asked questions. 


Registering and Log On

Registering and Log On

How to register.  How to log on.  What if you forget your password?



Page Layout and Help

The Navigation Panel (at left).  How to get Help.


Searching the GDB

Searching the GDB

Searching the GDB by name.

4m, 53s

Page view. Tree view.  Timeline View.


What you see in Page View, Tree View, and Timeline View


GDB Charts

GDB Charts

Producing, viewing, and printing charts


Creating and editing records on line.

Uploading your Family Tree

How to load your tree from your own database (Legacy, Family Tree Maker, etc.) 



Adding Scrapbook Items

Adding pictures, narrative, documents, video, etc to your records



On Line Updating

You can create and edit your tree on line – you do not need a local program like Legacy, or to re-upload your whole tree with another GEDCOM file.



Managing your tree

Default privacy rules.  Granting access to friends and family.   Granting update access.  Removing access.



Collaborating with others

Contacting other Users.  Creating a Profile.  Duplicate records.  Comparing and Synchronizing Records.  Linking your Trees.



Community Facilities

FamNet includes many facilities to support Family History and Local History groups.



General Databases

FamNet includes facilities to create and use databases such as burial records, shipping lists, and so on.  These may include pictures.   This video shows how to create such tables, edit them, and make them available.


Tip of the Day

FamNet has so many facilities that it is difficult to tell you everything that you can do in FamNet without overwhelming you.  On the home page “Tip of the Day” presents a single topic chosen at random.  Click the link to learn something about this topic – perhaps a complete “How to”, perhaps just a brief note.  Here is the current list of topics.  Eventually this will become a grid view with look-up.  These topics may repeat topics above or may be especially-written notes, and may link to other topics.



Produce Charts from FamNet

How to Produce Ancestry, Descendent, and Hourglass Charts from FamNet.

Get Started With Your Story!

Getting started is easy.  Just create a tree, then attach pictures, documents, video etc to the people in it.

Uploading a GEDCOM

Uploading data to FamNet from a desktop genealogy program