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Welcome to FamNet, the on-line Family History Network for those with a New Zealand connection! This is where you can interact with the FamNet community: post your views, read old newsletters, and so on. Most of this is freely available, you will not even need to register for most things on this page.

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FamNet sends newsletters to people who have registered on any of the Famnet web sites. Current and previous newsletters can be read here.  This list might also include newsletters from member groups.
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DNA Testing for Family History

Index to Gail's articles from various newsletters. Click one of the links to see the article. Email her at  
What is Molecular Genealogy?
Where would I begin?
What test should I take?
What DNA will NOT tell you and the risks involved.
Direct paternal line (men only).
Direct maternal line (men and women).
All the lineages including maternal and paternal (men and women).
Understanding direct paternal results.
Understanding direct maternal line results.
Understanding your Autosomal ('cousin') results.
Understanding the X Chromosome.
Bits ‘n Bobs: DNA Testing Companies, Glossary.
DNA Websites, Blogs, and Forums
Commonly Asked Questions – Some Basic, Some Advanced
DNA – Something a little different…
Current Pricings for the Three Main Genealogical Testing Firms
DNA Testing for Family History
Starting a new series on Y DNA Testing
DNA Testing – Getting into SNP testing on the Y chromosome to enhance your Family History
DNA Testing – Getting into SNP testing on the Y chromosome to enhance your Family History (Contd)
DNA Testing – Going over some frequently asked questions, plus, plus…
FTDNA Projects
Autosomal Ethnicity – How accurate are the maps you are seeing?
DNA Doesn't Lie. Or does it?
Genetics and Geography
What DNA Test? What Firm?
Stuff to think about
Social Network Discussions
Wending your way through FTDNA - Segment 1
Wending your way through FTDNA - Segment 2
Wending your way through FTDNA - Segment 3
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