This is the first page reached after a successful logon, and the page you go back to when you click the “Home” link on the left.


The left hand side of this, and every other page, contains some standard information and links: -

1.                            User id xxxxxx  : your user name.   TestGed in this case

2.                            Admin” (in red) if you have administrator rights,  otherwise “Default” or some other membership class.

3.                            Logout.   Click this and the system will exit back to the Login page. 

4.                            Contact Record Owner.   This link will appear when you are looking at a particular record (it doesn’t appear on the home page and search pages).  An important aim of the site is to help researchers to communicate with each other: you can click this to email the owner of the record, and (sometimes) to find out a little bit about them.

5.                            Home ….      This is called a “breadcrumb”: it shows earlier pages that we can return to, with the last entry being the current page.  There is only the single entry, “Home” in this case, but in other cases you might see (for example) Home  GDB1 GDB2 GDBUF.   You can click on any entry in the list to quickly take you to one of the earlier pages.

6.                            Below this section of control information are a number of links to various kinds of Help: -

7.                            Help.  This is help for the particular page that you are on.

8.                            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).   Go here if you have a question.  This will normally be the first place you go when you have a problem.  There are two sections, site background and policies (who are we? what are the objectives of the site?  who pays for it? etc), and  How to questions (How do I link to duplicate records? how do I correct somebody else’s error? etc)

9.                            Guided tour is for first-time users.  It is recommended that everybody start with this.

10.                      Complete Help.   This links to the Help system and allows you to navigate around, opening all the specific Help pages without having to be on the particular page to which the Help relates.

11.                      Privacy:  This is a restatement of the site’s policies on privacy, copyright, and other policies.   You will have agreed to this when you logged on for the first time.

12.                      Development Status.   NZGDB is a work in progress: this keeps you in touch with the technical development program – what we’ve just changed, what we are planning to change next, what’s on our to-do list.

13.                      Newsletters.  About every month a newsletter is emailed, describing changes to the site and other matters of general interest.  Click this link to see past newsletters.

14.                      Contact Us.   We welcome all feedback.  . Click this to email the developer (me):  record errors, suggest changes, etc.  We love getting messages about how great the site is, but we NEED to get messages about things you don’t like.


In the body of the document are links to the various functions.  There are extra options available to administrators.   These are grouped by major function

15.                      “Genealogy Database”.   This is the major database of individuals.  You can

1.                         Search it by name

2.                         Re-open the last record that you were looking at

3.                         Manage your own records, allowing others to view your private records (records of living people)

16.                      “Documents” is the next major section.  This provides the ability to store documents on the site (either stand-alone, or you can link them to people in the GDB), and there are various search options.

17.                      “About You” allows you to change your password, registration details, and profile information.