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FamNet Databases and Resources

Although you must be registered and logged on to access these resources, many are free, while others are available to members of FamNet's participating organizations, or to individual FamNet subscribers

General Search of People-related Tables

This provides a general search of databases containing information about people, returning a count of the number of records found.  You should use the individual database searches to look up the actual records. Note that names may change: for example a person indexed as "Freda PYM" in the genealogy database might be indexed as "Freda COOK" (her married name) elsewhere. Search fields that are irrelevant to individual databases are ignored.

Name Event year

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 GroupNameAvailableLong NameSearch Count
OpenFamNetBiographiesFreeDocuments, web pages, and books about people 
OpenFamNetBorneo Nominal RoleFreeServicemen involved in the Borneo Conflict, around 1965 
OpenFamnetBurialsEtcFreeBurials, Cremations, Memorial records 
OpenFamNetCertificate PeopleFreePeople in Certificates recorded in Certificiates table 
OpenFamNetDescent Group MembersFree@1  
OpenFamNetDocument NamesFreeNames in Documents 
OpenFamNetGenealogy DatabaseSubscriptionA major collection of NZ and Australian family trees, many with attached scrapbook information. 
OpenFamNetHelp OfferedFreeInformation Offered 
OpenFamNetInformation WantedFreeInformation Wanted 
OpenFamnetNames in External PagesFreeNames in Other Web Sites, such as Personal Family Sites 
OpenFamNetNames in ListsFreeFrom Name List: 
OpenFamNetNZEFFreePeople who served in NZ WW1 Expeditionary Forces 
OpenFamNetNZSettlersFreeNZ Settlers and Immigrants 
OpenFamNetPassengersFreeCombined passenger lists. Mainly from voyages up to 1846 
OpenFamNetPassengers2FreePassengers: temporary table for bulk loading (see J1071) 
OpenFamNetReturning WoundedFreeReturning NZ Wounded Soldiers 1915 - 1916 
OpenFamNetRNZN POWsFreeNaval Prisoners of War in the Second World War  
OpenFamNetService PersonnelFreeServicemen and Women 
OpenNorthShoreGenSoldiersofWW1FreeSoldiers of WW1 
OpenFamNetSurname RegisterFreeSurname Register/Members Interests. 
OpenFamNetVPassengerTempFreePassengers. Temp table to load from spreadsheet 

Other Tables

These tables are not about people, and are not searched by the general database search above
 GroupNameAvailableLong Name 
OpenFamnetCemeteriesEtcFreeCemeteries, Memorials, Churches, Funerial Directors 
OpenFamNetCertificatesFreeBirth, Death, Marriage, and other Certificates 
OpenFamNetDescent GroupFreeClans and other groups of interest 
OpenFamNetDocument TypeFreeDocument Type (or Class) 
OpenFamNetDocumentsFreeDocuments uploaded to FamNet 
OpenFamNetEmmigrationFromFreeEmmigration Area (County etc) 
OpenFamNetFamily HistoriesFreePublished Family Histories 
OpenFamNetFor SaleFreeFor Sale 
OpenFamNetNameListFreeA list of one or more names, for example on a memorial or plaque 
OpenFamNetNewsPapersFreeNewspapers - Parent for NewsPaperNotices 
OpenFamNetPicture CategoriesFreePicture Categories 
OpenFamNetPortsFreeDeparture and Arrival Ports 
OpenFamNetPOW GroupsFreePOW Groups, e.g. "Naval Officers captured by Japan 
OpenFamNetPublicationsFreeBooks, papers, etc that have been cited as sources, or that may be of interest for research. 
OpenFamNetService GroupFreeGroups of Servicemen (and women) 
OpenFamNetTypesFreeEntity Types - e.g. Cemetery/Crematorum/Memorial 
OpenFamNetUnidentified PicturesFreeUnidentified Pictures 
OpenFamNetUseful Web SitesFreeA list of several thousand web sites of interest to genealogists and family historians 
OpenFamNetVoyagesFreeVoyages with links to passenger lists 
OpenFamNetVoyages2FreeVoyages from Jaqui Walles 
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